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Smart Autocomplete Navigation with Drupal 7

Recently we were tasked with building a simple widget that would provide prospective students with suggestions for school programs based on a catalogue of pre-set keywords.  The idea was to help visitors narrow down their choices based on a variety of criteria including program topics (e.g., "ecology", "modern languages") and personal interests (e.g., "research", "singing"). Since some visitors would certainly know a program by name, it would also look up matches on the title.

Create a Foundation 5 'Top bar' menu in Drupal 7.x

The following snippets will output some unique classes for a Drupal 7.x menu based on whether or not child menus are present. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this, but in our case we wanted to implement a Top Bar menu for Foundation 5.

Solving performance issues with Windows 8 + Wampserver + Drupal

For quite some time I had been having performance issues working with websites locally on my Windows 8 machine. This is not exactly an uncommon problem, and there seems to be no one solution that works for everyone. After spending a Saturday working through many issue threads resulting in at least a dozen possible solutions, I found a particular combo that worked for me.

Filter form submission data by a field value with Views, Webform

If you are looking to display the data collected by Webform in a filterable, tabular format, this tutorial should help. Handy screenshots and a Views export is included.

Drupal, ModSec, and the post that wouldn't save

"Are you sure it's not something on the server?"

"Can't see how it could be. Maybe it's some Drupal security thing that's being triggered."

Lara's blog post wouldn't save, and no error was being thrown. When she tried to save it, it just reloaded the edit page.

You know how this goes. After insisting it couldn't be the server, and that nothing had changed, I remembered that a few days ago I had enabled Apache's mod_security module.

Create an interactive community map in Drupal 7 with Leaflet

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a clickable community map where each community represents a Drupal node.

Drupal batch operations example using Domain Access

The code below illustrates how to use Drupal's batch operations to process domains created with the Domain Access module. Batch functions allow forms processing to be spread out over several page requests, avoiding PHP timeouts. Batch operations also provide visual feedback on the progress of the ongoing operations.

This example is for Drupal 7.x.

Drupal multisite, Drush and parental aliases

Below is a method of using parental aliases to streamline your Drush alias configuration for your Drupal multisite. For clarity I've kept the alias definitions minimal.

In ~/.drush/aliases.drushrc.php:

Drupal: Lightbox overlay with Views 3 and Magnific Popup

This tutorial will take you through the steps of having your Drupal 7 content open up inside a lightbox overlay when it is selected from a view. We'll also throw in a permalink for convenience and SEO.

You should already have a basic working knowledge of Drupal theming and Views 3. 

Drupal: Attach a site-wide contact form to a page or block

As far as website contact forms go, Drupal's core Contact module provides pretty much everything it should right out of the box. But what if you want to add more information to the page (mailing address, for example), or position the form as a block, say, in a sidebar? In the first case, you would have the form automatically load inside another page node (such as we've done with our own Contact us page). In the second, you could create an empty block and attach the contact form to it. Here's how: