Google authorship is no more - what does it mean?

Last Friday Google announced it has dropped support for authorship on articles in its search results, what are web and content developers to do?

Filter form submission data by a field value with Views, Webform

If you are looking to display the data collected by Webform in a filterable, tabular format, this tutorial should help. Handy screenshots and a Views export is included.

Google introduced 890 improvements in the last year

The head of Google's core ranking team, Amit Singhal, posted on G+ that they have introduced 890 improvements to Google Search in the last year. To celebrate, he posted his Top Ten changes in Google Search since 2004. Ten years ago, I don't think I would have thought most of these were possible. Like these two:

4 affordable tools to help you visualize your Google Analytics data

According to BuiltWith, as of this writing over 26,000,000 live websites use Google Analytics. It's a fantastic tool that offers us data about our websites - loads of it. All for free! (For most of us, anyway.) Which is great. But there's a problem. It needs to be analyzed, segmented, put into context, preferably with sensible visuals that we can understand. Not everyone has the time or the expertise. Luckily there are tools that that can help.

Time to upgrade to Universal Analytics

August is the month for web analytics at Othermachines, and we're starting with a planned roll-out of the upgraded Universal Analytics tracking code for all of our Managed Drupal clients. If you have a website and aren't yet set up with Analytics, or need help upgrading, contact us and we'll give you $50 off our professional services until the end of August (see coupon at the end of this post).
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